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, and that's already happening in states like texas and south carolina, but the frustration is only going to build if the american people don't get a voice in this process. >> but do you -- do you actually know of any members of congress right now, house or senate, who have said, yes, i'm going to have a town hall, i'm going to speak to my constituents during this five-week period, i'm going to do face-to-face? >> absolutely. they are posted on our website. mike lee in utah is hosting a whole series of them, and i find it interesting. the folks that so far have agreed to hold town halls, have agreed to make them public, have agreed to let everybody show up and express their opinion are the folks that are standing by principle and comfortable with the positions that they ran on, the positions they are voting on today and what they are doing to represent their constituents. >> you know, a lot of them say that the reason that they want this five-week recess is so that they can reach out to their constituents which isn't a bad idea. i think they should do their work back here in washington an
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)

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